A Quick Guide to Kettlebell Snatch

A Quick Guide to Kettlebell Snatch

The snatch is one of the most common movements in kettlebell workout. It is a total body workout that extracts the maximum from your body; giving immense benefit to your entire physique.

However, the snatch is often considered quite risky in the way the kettlebell is pulled overhead in a quick, jerking movement.

The kettlebell snatch is one of the fundamental movements taught during a kettlebells course and you should really master it well in order to teach your clients how to do it correctly. For more info, check out www.onlinefitnesscourses.com – Online Fitness Courses!

Mastering the Snatch


Start in a sumo deadlift position with the kettlebell between your feet. Pull up the ball with one arm up to your chest level in one jerking motion and then press it overhead and lockout.

Do remember that the snatch does not replicate the swing. The arm position while pulling up the kettlebell should always be broken with the elbow providing the thrust for the overhead lockout.

Also, your bicep should be exactly by your ear with the arm straight and the kettlebell should never be held slightly in front of the head.

Benefits of doing the Kettlebell Snatch

As mentioned above, the kettlebell snatch is one of those simple yet highly effective movements you learn at kettlebell certifications that offer a multitude of benefit.

Burns huge Fat in Quick Time

The snatch is just ideal for burning huge fat as it involves hundreds of large and small muscles groups while performing a single workout. And obviously, the more muscles you work, you spend more energy and subsequently burn more fat from all over the body.

The Snatch provides Excellent Cardio Workout

As you will learn in your kettlebell courses, the snatch is one of the best exercises for cardiovascular benefits. The quick and challenging movement of pulling up the heavy kettlebell overhead in quick motion really elevates your heart rate and maintains it throughout the day.

The Snatch helps improve Power and Strength

Strengthening the body and building stamina is another aim of most clients training under you. Here too, the snatch is just ideal as it requires your body to absorb a tremendous amount of force and then regenerate it at high speed during each rep.

This ability to produce and absorb large amount of force at a high speed makes the body very powerful and agile.

The Snatch targets your Entire Body

Perhaps one of the best benefits of the snatch is that it connects your entire body in one movement and every muscle is forced to work hard in perfect harmony. The movement requires you to pull up the kettlebell from the floor, lift it overhead, bring it back close to the floor and pull it up again in just a matter of seconds. Doing the snatch regularly increases your ability to connect different movement patterns from head to toe and is extremely beneficial in improving your daily movement skills.

The Snatch improves Stability and Mobility

Maintaining stability and having good mobility is absolutely necessary for day to day activities. The kettlebell snatch is structured in such a way that it improves upper body mobility while improving stability as you need to hold the heavy kettlebell in a stable position overhead otherwise you may get hurt.